can you imagine a world without music?


Combining the emotion of an exceptional audio performance with the physicality and arresting nature of sculpture creates an entirely rare thing. Our fusion of cutting edge audio and museum worthy artistry collide to create something utterly, utterly different to anything in the world.


Our pieces feel like something that deserve to be treasured – almost museum worthy – and represent the only example on earth of art colliding with audio technology.

We are small, exclusive and dedicated to precision. For this level of artistry, there can be no moulds. Every element is beautifully made, built by hand by the Metaxas family and personally signed by Kostas Metaxas. 

Each piece is limited edition and bespoke. This is more than audio. This is high end audio and collectible modern art.

the most breathtaking design that’s ever landed on my desk... How many times can we admit that we have been so intrigued by an audio product that we just stare at it in awe?

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