we strive to find the MUSICAL TRUTH. 

Music liberates us; it creates deep emotional connections that transcend the everyday and transport us to somewhere else entirely. Metaxas & Sins are dedicated to the mission of capturing the essence and spirit of a great musician’s art and sharing the emotion of his message.


Only by capturing real music can we know how a piece of music should sound when played back.



In 1986, Kostas Metaxas started out recording hundreds and hundreds of acoustic performances. Recording in situ, he recorded the space as much as the sound, creating a rich soundscape that had depth and emotion. Playing it back, Kostas had achieved a sonic picture – these massive, huge sounds where you could hear everything: the weight, the impact and the realism of the performance. This provided the benchmark and reference point from which Kostas was able to engineer audio equipment capable of replicating the depth, intent and presence of the music he’d recorded.

The only way to design state-of-the-art audio equipment is to have experience with the finest available recording equipment AND playback equipment. Our systems have been designed using a variety of state-of -the-art phono playback equipment and custom-made Tape Recorders including the battery operated Stellavox SM-8 using 1/4" tape at 30 ips and Stellavox TD-9 using 1/2" tape at 30 ips using Bruel & Kjaer 4135 and Neumann TLM50 & M150 microphones.


Metaxas speech on Analogue Reel to reel concert recording - Munich Hi End Show 2012