Embodying high end audio artistry

Metaxas & Sins embody high end audio and artistry. With each and every piece hand made by Kostas Metaxas and his two sons [sins], we create iconic, high specification products that are as visually arresting as they are impressive in sound quality.


Metaxas & Sins celebrates a marriage of the recording and playback of sound artistry through incredible craftsmanship to allow you to get truly lost in the music. Kostas Metaxas trademark is breaking boundaries and constantly innovating. Never one to create something boring, his designs defy convention. 


You don’t know true audio until you’ve experienced Metaxas & Sins.

Metaxas believes that to excel in design and manufacturing today is to have a strong understanding of traditional manufacturing techniques, in combination with the latest software and modelling technology. It’s this belief in balance with a twist, the fight between chaos and order with a little intrigue thrown in, that sets Metaxas & Sins apart from the competition.
— Marc Rushton, The Sydney Morning Herald, Australia